G & T Consulting

G & T Projects can deliver projects in various sizes using different project models. We pride ourselves on being the 'right size' to handle smaller value projects that require a different way of working, as well as handling multi-million pound projects. G & T Projects' 'no-nonsense' and 'just-do-it' approach, decisive and professional management, fast response times, competitive rates and first class personnel have all come together to give our customers what they actually want and need.


Our highly experienced team of Project Managers will ensure your project requirements of Scope, Cost and Time are met for your project.  All of our Project Managers have a wealth of experience as Disciplined / Project Engineers and hence can ensure a well engineered solution is delivered by the Engineering and Design team.



Getting a clearly defined scope right at the outset is essential for effective project delivery. G & T Projects can assist clients with the definition of this scope, whether it is a simple maintenance improvement or a major capital enhancement.   We can provide Project Managers/Engineers and/or Process Engineers to work with you to develop the correct solution and scope.


Project Planning and program management is key to effective project delivery. Effective and realistic planning from the outset will ensure that the key project stakeholders have a realistic expectation of the project time-line.  Key Milestones are essential in effective high level communication.


Change Management


This is a key aspect of project management. Throughout the project life cycle, we identify, assess and manage all changes to ensure minimum impact to the project costs and timeline.


We invest in training and coaching for our project managers/engineers to focus their attention on safety, customer relationships, communication, team building and delivery.

Project Reporting

Our suite of reports cover all areas of a project and provides accurate and detailed information, which allows us to control and monitor performance throughout the life of a project. This means we ensure that the right decisions get made in good time.


Turnkey Project Management

Our Turnkey Project Management provides a service that places the end-to-end responsibility of running key projects with G & T’s professionals, so you know your project is in safe hands.


We use our engineering expertise along with our practical experience to  ensure your project is managed in a structured and efficient manner. We help  optimise your people resources whilst considering complex production  environments and most importantly, ensuring the entire process is as transparent as possible through a robust system of communication and control.


Combining tried and trusted methodology with invaluable sector-specific insight, our Project Managers are accomplished at working with Site Engineers to progress smoothly through the many complex challenges presented by major  de-installation, installation and refurbishment works. This approach can be a tremendous advantage to customers.


Engineering projects are often time and resource intensive requiring many key people to be necessarily engaged to micro manage what are often multi-faceted projects. Employing G & T to manage the project in its entirety, preserves our customer’s time and resources for their own business.


Since full responsibility for the project rests upon G & T, the number of  interfaces is reduced to one point of contact instead of a multitude of subcontractors. This gives the customer much greater clarity of the project  process.


Our Turnkey Project Management Service delivers tightly managed projects to  agreed timescales with a clear understanding of critical paths, the need to  avoid costly process downtime and most importantly, delivers expected return on  investment.


We are always prepared to conduct work out-of-hours, enabling our customers  to continue working thus minimising the financial impact of disruption and  shutdown particularly for 24/7 processes. The flexible services provided by our  professional team, can be readily tailored to your requirements and can encompass  every stage from project inception to completion and handover, or you can call  upon our resources where specialist input and support in particular areas or  disciplines is required.