G & T Civil Works

Our experience has shown that the integration of a team able to learn from continuous experience and develop a culture of continuous improvement, is often the difference between success and failure.

G & T Projects is committed to fostering that culture in the following ways:


Assessing the environmental and social impact of all operations and investment decisions. This is not just about meeting people's needs and aspirations in new ways - it is also about meeting them in ways that are acceptable to society. G & T Projects has a responsibility to its employees, suppliers and the public at large to assess the impact of our business, whatever and wherever it may be.


It is G & T’s intent not just to be profitable, but also to act and be seen to act in a socially and environmentally responsible way. Adopting appropriate environmental and health and safety standards on all sites and works.

Current legislation sets minimum standards for the health, safety, welfare and convenience of people in and around all buildings and Health & Safety regulations protect all personnel involved in the site / works environment.


All site-based staff are inducted and educated in environmental as well as health and safety issues. Senior Managers are tasked with monitoring performance against set goals on a regular basis. This culture is reinforced at induction stage and by subsequent on-going training at all levels.

Design Input

Where applicable, G & T Projects and their design partners actively involve themselves with design issues at an early stage to assist in the development of projects and provide opportunity for ‘real’ value engineering potential to be realized and achieved. As a company, we can offer a perspective from the point of view of “buildability”, programming and co-ordination of special subcontractors who should also be invited to play their part in the design process.

Specialist subcontractors will probably carry out the majority of this project. We regularly partner with subcontractors and suppliers who if allowed are always willing to assist with design elements, after all they have to complete a work package and are a major part of the team. We all too often miss this opportunity, which if co-ordinated properly, can achieve both savings in cost and time. G & T Projects looks to carry out this interface between subcontract work package design and production and considered itself as a key diver in many instances the overall design process.

Value Engineering


Thorough value engineering appraisals are carried out to enable changes and alternatives to be offered where applicable. Loss of revenue often needs to be taken into account particularly in instances where the non-availability of revenue-generating property is adversely affected by new works.

Quantity Surveying

Using contemporary computer aided techniques and software, we are able to accurately compile bills of quantities for initial budgetary purposes, tender issue and for construction, as required.


Our widespread involvement and experience in the construction industry has
allowed us to develop a perceptive understanding of the needs of our clients and accordingly tailor the input provided to fully meet those needs.


Commercial Management & Consultancy

Our experienced team draws on statistical data collected from previous projects and current market costs and trends, to formulate and produce cost plans and budgets that fully identify how and where costs have been derived from and allocated. Furthermore, we can provide the essential detailed cost control as an ongoing process throughout the duration of project and beyond.

Services that can be provided including:

  • Financial management and control of the project in accordance with the agreed budget
  • Commercial reporting and co-ordination between the Client, Project Team and their advisors at all stages throughout the project, prior to, during and post construction
  • Project budget evaluation and control
  • Project cost / value forecasting
  • Project cost phasing
  • Project cost reconciliation